Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lego Cookies for a Special Birthday!

As the mother and grandmother of boys, I know Legos. I can identify them in the dark, especially if I'm barefoot. (If you've ever had Legos in your house, you probably know exactly what I mean!) I am a Lego enabler (I wonder if there's a support group for this), and love to add to the already overflowing Lego bins that include bits and pieces of all of the random Lego sets my boys collected over the years.

So when my grandson wanted a Lego birthday party for his seventh year, I was more than happy to help his mom make him some cookies.

And some happy little cakes.

Seven already? No way!

These Legos, inspired by Callye's Easy Lego Cookies at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, were made with this Iced Spice Cookie recipe. It's a ginger cookie with royal frosting, and my favorite for cut-outs. The cakes were sculpted from sheet cakes and mini-cupcakes, and frosted with buttercream. The Lego head cookies were cut using a template that my daughter in law drew. (Well chilled dough made this easier.) The bricks were simply cut with a knife into squares and rectangles. I used Sugarbelle's Twenty Second Icing to fill the cookies, and frosting that was just a little bit thicker to add the face features and dots on the bricks.

The birthday boy would only eat the brick cookies- the little Lego heads were pronounced "Too cute to eat!" I don't think it stopped anyone else though. :) 

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