Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Parfaits and a Handmade Keepsake Ornament

Oh yes, I did. 
     Those really are Irish Cream dipped chocolate chip cookies nestled snugly between luscious layers of whipped cream. And they're sitting in my refrigerator getting more delicious by the minute. As they mellow, the Irish Cream soaked cookies become almost cake-like, and each spoonful is a bite of creamy goodness studded with crunchy chocolate chips suspended in silky whipped cream.

     Surprisingly enough, the best cookies for this recipe are the crunchy store-bought ones. (Chips Ahoy, if you can get them.) I've included a link in the recipe for a non-alcoholic Irish Cream if you prefer not to go the alcoholic route, but I'm also thinking that any sweet milky coffee-type drink (like a bottled frappuccino) would work.

     My friend Felicia introduced me to this wonderfully quick and easy make-ahead dessert. (Can you believe there are only three ingredients?) She makes hers in a 9x12 dish, but I thought it would also be cute in individual serving jars. But isn't most anything cuter in a Weck jar?

     Speaking of cute, here's what has been keeping my attention these last few weeks. Yep, grandson has moved back to VA and we've been having lots of family fun together. (Yay!) Here's a little project that we did together that makes a great keepsake ornament. (Grandmas love these things!) This is one of my favorite ornaments, and I've been making these with my students for years.

This idea came from Little Giraffes, and they have a link to a printable tag here. Instructions: Paint child's palm and fingers white. Have them wrap their hand and fingers around a ball shaped ornament to transfer their handprint. Decorate with paint markers, and don't forget to put your child's name and date! Include a tag with this poem:
These aren't just five snowmen, 
As anyone can see.
I made them with my hand 
Which is a part of me.
And now each year when you trim the tree
You'll look back and recall,
Christmas of 2011
When my hand was just this small!

I'll be back soon with more holiday goodies- my baking partner is back and we plan to get into lots of cookie trouble together!

Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Parfait Recipe
recipe from Felicia
1 pkg. Chocolate Chip cookies, crunchy ones- not soft (Chips Ahoy work beautifully.)
Whipped cream (made from a pint of heavy cream) or 1 tub Whipped topping
Irish Cream liqueur or non-alcoholic Irish Cream (I'm thinking that even a bottled frappuccino would work here.)
  • Pour about 1/2 cup of Irish Cream into a bowl. (More if you need it) Dip cookies one at a time into the Irish Cream. I usually let them stay in a few seconds and then turn them over to make sure they're completely covered. Don't leave them in long enough to get soggy- they'll fall apart.
  • For a 9x12 baking dish: Start with a layer of dipped cookies and then top with a layer of whipped cream. Repeat the layers and finish with a sprinkling of crushed cookies.  
  • For parfait glasses or canning jars: Alternate layers of dipped cookies and whipped cream. End up with whipped cream as the top layer and then sprinkle with some crumbled cookies. 
  • Cover and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours (can be done a day ahead) before serving so the cookies have a chance to absorb the liqueur and soften.


  1. I usually prefer my Irish Cream straight but these sound beyond delicious! I even have those little Weck jars. How nice to have your grandson back in Virginia. We have one son on each coast and that is way too far away!

    Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


  2. SO good to have your grandson near you; enjoy.
    Great recipe taht I printed out; eminds me of tiramisu only simpler.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  3. What an adorable idea for an ornament!

  4. Love your sweet ideas , I had to do a double take on the ornament before seeing the little hand print, so so cute! I really like Irish cream and simple desserts so this could be a keeper recipe for me, I'm still makingnyourmtriple threat brownies and passing along the recipe:-). Forgive my iPad typing.

  5. Oh goodness, aren't these cookies against the law or something. Yes you did, and I am going to make the cookies. Yes, I am.

    BTW you are a good grandma.

  6. Where did you get the Weck jars? Love 'em. The ornament is so cute!

  7. Thanks for sharing this great parfait recipe!

    I think that having your grandson back to VA is priceless. I hope you and your family will have an extra merry Christmas this year...not forgetting best wishes for 2012. CHEERS!

  8. Hurray for your grandson moving back! Hope you'll continue to make many wonderful memories together. I love the craft idea... My son made a rudolf with his foot print in kindergarten! The parfaits sound delicious too!

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Wow they sound so delicious..I love the idea of whipped cream in ANYTHING. I could eat so much of that...

  10. I have always wanted to try Irish cream and Irish coffee! Looks delicious with the choc chips cookies! The Christmas ornament is so cute and love the poem!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Holidays!

  11. This looks so delicious and beautiful in those Weck jars! Maybe I'll have to play Santa and get some for myself :)

    I love the ornament idea and am making a note to do this with my grandson just before next Christmas.

    How wonderful that your grandson lives nearby now! You will have a wonderful Christmas, I'm sure!

  12. I love this idea for an ornament, it's priceless. I wish my kids were still small and we'd do that. Guess I'll have to wait for grandkids. Plus your parfaits look scrumptuous, great idea to put them in jars. It's more festive this way.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. Anything with liqueur? Yes, please!

  14. parfaits are a personal favorite, though i usually only have them when i've messed something up and need a quick save! this batch is particularly delightful. :)

  15. What a great parfait! It looks delicious! Your little grandson and you must be having a blast and the project looks like a fun thing. Merry Christmas!

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  17. Those parfaits looks so amazing! I'm finding myself wishing the Christmas season would last just a little longer so I can make more wonderful treats like this. Hope you have a great Christmas :)

  18. What a delicious treat! Definitely super cute served in the little jars. (And your grandson is adorable too!)

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Betty!

  19. This all looks wonderful, I have made a note to stop back and check out the ornament. I have a new granddau and that would be a wonderful gift for her mom & Dad. I'll be back. A Happy Christmas to you and your family. andi

  20. That parfait sounds so divine, I am so drooling now. Merry Christmas to you and your Family!

  21. Your new ornament is a treasure!!! What fun you two must have had making it :) And your parfaits look delicious...these would be a hit at my house. Hope you had a marvelous Christmas!

  22. It must have been a lot fun and happiness spending time with your grandson and the family.
    Parfaits look irresistible! Like the jars too..cute.

  23. The parfait sounds absolutely delicious and decadent. Yum...
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  24. I love the idea of making parfaits with chocolate chip cookies!
    And what a great idea for the snowman ornaments.

  25. Betty-so nice to have your grandson back near you...love that priceless photo, of him. Also, the Christmas ornament is such a treasure. So pretty, and a real treasure. The parfait is so festive, flavorful with the Irish Cream (alcoholic) brand sounds so festive, and ever so yummy!!!
    Glad your Christmas holiday was bright, and happy@

  26. Did you say chocolate chip parfaits? I thought so!!!! My word you just made my day with that recipe. I LOVE IT!

  27. (a) your grandson is so cute!
    (b) I LOVE Bailey's. LOVE.
    (c) Due to letter (b) I need to make this fabulous dessert ASAP.

  28. My mind is just racing as to all of the fun flavor combinations this basic idea could create! As you described them softening in the fridge I could almost feel it in my mouth! Sounds so fun and easy too. We will have to try this. It would be fun for New Year's Eve with the kids (non alcoholic of course.)

  29. What a clever idea! We have a similar cake made with whipped cream and biscuits and the biscuits just soften up so nicely :D

  30. wow- those look amazing! and they would be perfect to transport to a party or brunch :)

  31. This looks wonderful! I can just imagine how yummy it is. So happy you have your grandson with you; you must be thrilled. That ornament is so sweet. That makes a really special gift. I am bookmarking it for next year along with your recipe to try soon:)

  32. Your little hand painted ornaments are so cute. I'm saving this idea for next year. I love easy desserts like this one and its so pretty in the little individual jars. How wonderful that your family is close by and you can see them often. Happy New Year!

  33. I do love the individual desserts...so cute! And Irish Cream-soaked. Oh. YES! They sound wonderful. That ornament is so cute...I'll bookmark it for when I start to get in the spirit again next year. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  34. Hi,

    I was looking for some cookies recipes, when I found one of your recipes in another blog.

    Your recipe: http://scrambledhenfruit.blogspot.com/2010/11/caramel-stuffed-apple-cider-cookies.html

    The other blog: http://www.totallycookies.com/items/caramel-stuffed-apple-cider-cookies-recipe/

    I know how much effort we put in our blogs, and it's not fair that others use our work and pictures.

    If you know other blogs that have been copied by this blog, then please let them know.



  35. Wow, does this ever look delicious! Adorable grandson!

  36. This looks so good! Thank you for sharing your words, recipes and kind spirit, my dear friend! Happy New Year...I hope you have a wonderful beginning to the year.

  37. What a creative combination for parfaits! I love the flavors! Happy 2012!

  38. Everything is cuter in a jar for sure :) These are wonderful and so lovely to have your grandson close :)
    Wishing you an amazing year ahead!

  39. I love parfaits and this one is so appealing, especially in the jars.

  40. aww, wish I had seen this post before the holidays (well, wish I hadn't been that busy). i'm so going to keep a link to this page and this Christmas I'm going to make snowmen ornaments by painting Tiffany's hand. Such a wonderful keepsake!

    Happy New Year Betty! Glad to hear you had your family with you for the holidays and looks like there was lots of fun involved.

  41. The parfait looks fabulous! I love everything chocolate.. :) Happy New Year!

  42. I don't know what Chips Ahoy are (I don't think I can get them where I live) but I can see myself using chewy supermarket own brand ones, yum yum! This is like the ultimate tiramisu!
    I've missed out on the baubales this year, but shall definitely keep in in mind (Also might need to find a small child to do this with first... :p) Happy New Year!

  43. This looks so decadent! Yum!


  44. OMG, I want to make these right now. I am going to make these in the Weck jars I bought this fall. I can't wait.

  45. Happy New Year Betty!
    What a tasty dessert. I love the mini jars.
    How wonderful that your grandson has moved closer to you, he is absolutely adorable.
    The best to you this year

  46. I LOVE desserts in jars. Such a cute and stylish way to serve it! :)

  47. Oh these are perfectly festive!(AND friggin' delicious). We made sauce as gifts this year to give out to family.

    Where do you get your jars from? Do you do anything special to can them? (Email reply preferred!)

  48. How did I miss this one?! Looks totally delicious. I have some homemade Irish cream in the refrigerator and this sounds perfect...even in August! =)


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