Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fish Cakes!

Ever since they were little tykes, my kids have loved salmon cakes.  My grandson loves them too, so I always keep a can or two of salmon in the pantry for those times when a quick dinner is necessary. Salmon cakes are easy, quick and are an economical way to add fish to your diet. I like to serve these with corn muffins and a salad or greens.

Salmon Cakes
2 small cans skinless, boneless salmon, or one large can salmon with skin and bones removed
1 egg
2 slices of bread or rolls-moisten with water then gently squeeze to remove excess water
2 tblsp. mayonnaise
dash of cayenne or hot sauce
pinch of baking powder
finely chopped onion- optional (I like them with onion but my kids prefer them without)
ground pepper to taste

Remove skin and bones from your salmon if necessary. Put all ingredients in a med. bowl. Mix together- hands work best! Make into patties and cook in a small amount of olive oil until golden brown and cooked through. Makes about 5 cakes.


  1. Yes please....you can bring mine on Friday!

  2. I, for one, love them with onion.

    Have you tried different varieties of onion, though? I am curious as to how shallots would taste in these.

  3. I've never tried them with shallots, but I do try to use a sweet onion. Shallots would probably be tasty.

  4. and THIS my friend is What's for dinner tonight! Since you didn't bring me any to school I'll have to give them a try myself!


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